I wrote a blog everyday, for 30 days...

My top 10 from the month:
What I learned:

- How to trim the fat from my writing. Taking out non-vital words and increasing the readability.


- Productivity should be scheduled into a routine. 


- I have a better understanding of my most valuable assets as a person. I got to nail down what virtues, I believe, are most important for a successful life. 


- I can articulate my ideas better (which is an ongoing process for me). 


- Professional writing is writing for an audience. Every sentence should clearly relate to the point you're trying to make. 


Tips for anyone who does this blogging challenge:

- Find a blogging website. Write about a topic that connects to their specific audience.


- When proofreading, read the sentences slowly, out loud, in a monotone voice. This will help you write cohesively and ensure your sentences reinforce each other. As well as help you understand what the post looks like from an outside perspective. 


-If someone gives you feedback, don't even look at it until you're ready to change it.  Don't take feedback personally.


-It will get harder to constantly write different posts about half-way through the month, PUSH THROUGH, and you will improve.