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Case Study : Ellen DeGeneres

Few people try to find their passion after recurring failure/mediocre results. It is the societal norm to settle for stability instead of pursuing what is personally interesting. What activity really gets your blood pumping that doesn't work for other people. 99.9% of the time, we have to attempt multiple things before we know our interests. Ellen DeGeneres gets this.

DeGeneres is a small town girl that has done a lot of things. Her public education amounted to a communications degree, which she uses in her career. She is no stranger to work, having several different jobs through adolescence : J.C. Penny, house painter, many jobs in the restaurant industry, and clerical work in a law firm. 22 year-old Ellen took a leap of faith into a job she actually liked doing.

Late 1970s

One of the best ways to track down what you like doing is knowing your idols. Not because everyone else says they are great but because you look up to them. At this time, Ellen was inspired by Woody Allen and Steve Martin. If those two are your inspiration it is pretty obvious as to what you should pursue. Most of the time it takes a little more examination of your role models to find an interest. After a few years, more people became aware of her stand-up comedy. In 1987 she capitalized on it. She leaped again, except this time, it would segway into her multi-million dollar career.

Taking Off

DeGeneres starred in a few lighthearted and/or educational films as well as sitcoms. She then started a talk show that was canceled after 13 episodes. Tried her luck a second time, and won 25 Emmy Awards just for the first three seasons.

Ellen DeGeneres is relatable, funny, and built her success around being able to communicate with people. She makes sure all of her content has that lighthearted, friendly backbone. She buckled down when the going got tough and pushed past the societal norms. DeGeneres chose to pursue what she wanted at break-neck speeds. Whether you like it or not, she is a good role model.

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