• Tate Anagnos

The Truth About Criticism.

There are many reasons why we point out each other’s imperfections.

To fit in with the crowd.

The age-old they’re doing it so I am going to do it. It is wired into our psyches to be part of a tribe. It is an easy way to relate to others, finding common ground within the unfair judgment. But since this is the age of individualism, it goes a long way to break this habit.

To take away value

Most of the time we criticize someone, whether it’s to their face or behind their back, it’s because they were rude or mean. Maybe you think they should have acted differently, but can’t or won’t say anything so you vent to someone else. You take away or lessen the value that a person has to offer because you feel they deserve it. This premise of they wronged me so I will wrong them, is the exact opposite of how life should be lived. The reality is, time spent devaluing someone or their image is wasted time.

Taught to criticize

More often than not, critical people were raised in a critical environment. If you grow up in a house with people that uselessly point out flaws, focus on the worst part of the day, etc, chances are you will too. People like this do not take suggestions well, criticism is a part of their lives. They feel demonizing certain people will help better themselves, but in hindsight it does nothing.

Constructive criticism

This intends a completely different effect. Criticism is shallow but constructive criticism is sincere. Being able to tell the difference between the two is the difference in growth and settling for less. Constructive criticism can be painful but is essential for learning, criticism alone is just painful.

Criticism only ever leads to more criticism. It is a cycle that is as addictive as heroin. The worst part is we are numb to flat out criticism; if you don't believe me, try to go one whole day without denouncing anyone or something about them. You will notice really how much we hear criticism throughout the day. Even though it may feel natural or like it's making a difference, berating other people only serves to show insecurity in the critic.

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