• Tate Anagnos

How I Make A Hard Task Easy

For anything that requires effort, it’s useful to have a procedure. Even if that procedure is no procedure at all, thinking ahead is a good habit to get into.

The sooner I start the better.

This obviously gives you more time to tweak your work and de-stress. Treat procrastination like a serious threat to your health that is trying to control you.

Have other people done it?

What can you personally recreate what has worked for others.

Break it down.

A hard task is really just a string of less hard undertakings. The more you break it down into smaller tasks, the easier they become. Start with the smallest ones.


Figure out if you can complete the task on your own. If not, what parts can you do alone and what requires help.


What is time sensitive. What will take the most time, break down and start on that first.

Our logical brain automatically does this, it is beneficial to be aware of that process and tweak it when necessary. This works best for getting the jump on multi-part tasks like projects or exercise routines. Different scenarios call for slightly different procedures, but always remember to look before you jump.

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