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What can PMC teach you about selling a service?

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

The Parking Management Company deals in valet parking. What started as a very small operation in Nashville, TN with only a few employs, has grown into a multi-million dollar company with 1,000s of employees across the country.

From the beginning, 25 years ago, PMC has had some tremendous periods of growth due to some smart business acquisition and the large amount of effort they put into customer service.

When running a business that does not have a tangible product, keeping a good relationship with the customer is doubly important. Since the only time a customer is using their product is when they're face to face with a valet, the first and last impressions are vital to keeping the company image alive and well. "We pride ourselves on providing a first class first and last impression to facilitate your vision of the guest experience." This company does a great job of keeping that customer relationship with reliably great customer service. They literally sell valet parking for any occasion, but market using the intangible product of "unparalleled service".

How do they ensure reliable customer service?

There is something else that differentiates PMC from other valet companies. The success of PMC fundamentally hinges on how their employees interact with the hotel guests, so how do you guarantee effort on the valets part? The real answer is, you can’t, not without fault. Of course there is valet training but what differentiates PMC is their “world-class” orientation. I started valeting for this company about a month ago and the only thing that stands out to me, from any other of the multiple jobs I’ve had where I am at the bottom of the chain of command, is the orientation. They paid for the human resource director, area manager, and some other PMC higher-ups to fly into Charleston, supply food, invite all new hire-ees, in the Charleston location and give a presentation on the company/the correct way to treat guests. This does 2 things. The new valets feel welcome and part of a team that has a support system (like paying for any car damage and getting a second chance) ; it also makes employees want to excel in their job because PMC has implemented a lot of programs that make it possible to earn more money with good customer reviews. It's reiterated that there are career opportunities for valet's that are willing to put in the time and effort.

PMC obviously uses a lot of resources to make sure their employees are good at what they do, have the ability to grow along with the company, and know that every time they talk to a guest they are speaking on behalf of the company. They are investing into the component that is closest to the customer which seems obvious, but it is often over looked in larger business's.

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