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My First Week Blogging

My first week blogging

My first week of writing every day was productive. I was overwhelmed at first, but once I came up with a procedure it was like a hot knife through butter. Not doing something because it is hard is commonly disguised as not doing something because you don’t know how to; you can always figure it out.

Create in the morning

My most important tactic is starting in the morning. I have the most creative energy at the beginning of the day and try to take advantage of that when I wake up. I don’t usually finish in the morning, but at least have an idea to expand on throughout the day. It becomes part of the routine; as soon as my eyes open, my brain is ready and set on creating something.

Thinking ahead

Before I officially started this project I made a rough outline of a few posts I wanted to write, really just a few points. So by the end of the first day, I had 1 post submitted and 2 drafts only in need of some editing. I like this system because it helps me post consistently and meet deadlines. One of my biggest pet peeves is the feeling of being rushed. Lining up drafts for submission eradicates rushing for a deadline and allows me to focus on the quality of the content instead of finishing on time.

Coping with writer's block

This has not been a huge problem for me but I definitely have experienced it. The way I get around a block is physically changing the setting. My building has a clubroom which is where I go if I need a productivity boost; the library also works for me. Other than that, I find it helpful to take a little break, maybe cook something, or do anything that will refresh your brain.

The key to writing a blog is incorporating what you find interesting. It is much harder to expand on a topic that is personally boring. I still stress about creating content, but it is healthy stress. Productivity entail's hard work and struggle breeds progress!

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