• Tate Anagnos

My love for cars.

When it comes to cars, most people are either one of two ways: cars are just a form of getting from point A to point B; cars are a deeply rooted interest. I am more of the second one (if you haven't picked that up yet).

This is my perspective: a vehicle is a machine more for the mundane, more for the commute or helping with a tenuous task. A car is the pinnacle of multiple aspects like art, design, power, technology, business, precision, legacy, and years of work. I love cars because they are statues of hard work and progress.

Car companies create some of the most quality products in the world in terms of how much work goes into each car. For every aspect of a sports car there is a literal expert to engineer it. They need chemistry, mechanics, design, physics, electronics; there are facilities and teams just dedicated to the sound it makes.

Porsche is a great example. This is a company that has been around for almost a century and is still an innovative pillar for performance. The Porsche 911 takes 30 hours to assemble but days of inspection (quality assurance). After the first 911 was mildly successful in 1964, the company took the idea and ran with it. Producing a new version every year since then is embodied by the Porsche ideal of constant refinement. They focus on quality over quantity, which I apply to most situations in my life.

But how do I know I love cars? My day job is valeting cars for a hotel in Charleston. It is a nice hotel so our guests usually drive nicer cars. Just yesterday a gentleman pulled in with a Porsche 911 Turbo S, all white. Before I saw it, just the low rumble of the exhaust sparked my attention. I greeted that guest with an uncontainable smile. Fast forward to when I am in the car: my palms are tingling, I turn the key once and hold it until the engine revs to life. My heart beats faster, body temperature rises and my excitement bubbles over into a small chuckle. Unfortunately I can’t go over about 5 miles/hour but still, I get the full appeal. The pedals are touchy but very responsive, the steering wheel is perfectly calibrated and smooth. This feeling has to be taken seriously.

Too many people hate going to work every day and I will not be one them. My plan is to eventually incorporate my love for cars, or one of my other interests, into a business role.

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