• Tate Anagnos

My Twelve Favorite Problems.

Lofty goals are defined by the large amount of problems they could potentially entail. The smaller the goal, the less could go wrong and vice versa . So instead of setting a list of goals, I am going to get more specific, and make a list of problems that will continuously re-prioritize what I'm learning and researching.

1. How/what makes me stand-out in a field of diligent, high-achieving people?

2. How can I grow as an individual, but also take into account other point-of-views?

3. How can I see things from an outside perspective?

4. How can I learn from every experience/person I interact with?

5. How can I communicate my ideas clearly and spontaneously?

6. What connections/experience do I need to make money in a field that intrigues me?

7. How can I create content that engages?

8. How can I become a better gift-giver?

9. How can I control my sugar-tooth as I get older?

10. How can I learn to play the electric guitar?

11. How can I learn from my competition?

12. How can I convince someone of the value I can create?

These problems are not solved over night. They are meant to be chipped away over a long period of self-improvement.

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