• Tate Anagnos

Pros and Cons of being a valet


- Interacting with different people

- After this experience, I will be able to do it anywhere in the world

- The amount of money you make, after the hourly, is almost entirely up to how much effort you put into connecting with people

- The hotel is small so the bellman and valet are one job, just another way to make money

- When your not helping a guest, there is time to write on my phone

- I drive nice cars

- It's a good way to start learning the city

- I am better at parking

- Works on my memorization


- People don't tip or are rude

- Can get boring

- If anyone needs something done, I'm the go-to guy

As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons. Depending on what you put into it, this is a job that can be very rewarding or unpleasantly mediocre. The most fulfilling interaction I do there is helping a guest that matches my friendliness. Of course that is not how every greeting goes but I am very good at not letting people get a rise out of me. Working in the service industry teaches you to smile, nod, and be nice; what needs to be remembered is always keep an open mind and use the same base-level kindness for everyone.

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