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Seeing success within failure.

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

This past 2 weeks I have had many things go wrong and I am better for it.

First, I decided to change my project in the middle of the planning stage not because it wasn't a good idea, but because I didn't have the resources I needed to really capitalize on a results oriented month. My first idea was a case study of Redbulls Marketing Strategy. When I could not get any insider information I threw in the towel and cut my losses while I still had some time. I thought it was funny how the USA office addressed me compared to the UK office.

Redbull USA

Redbull UK

Then I took a step back, consulted a Praxis advisor, and came up with the Project I am working on now. It is important to try new things, but that has to be balanced with what value can actually be produced.

Second, I had to condense a weeks worth of planning into a couple days. I was turned

down for the first time in a real, business environment, 3 times. This was astonishing to me because my pitch was a completely free, experimental, small marketing campaign, that does no harm. I chose the business’s based off their website aesthetics/usability, their reviews, and any areas I knew could improve for them.

The success in this failure is that I learned the business world can be unforgiving and people are very protective of what they create. When trying to sell someone on an idea, you have to assume your dealing with a hardline skeptic. By the 3rd and 4th phone calls my pitch was short, sincere, and I was prepared with a back up.

Third, I can't experiment with everything. In a ideal situation I could try every marketing tactic possible, but 99% of the time the situation will not be "ideal". My goal of expanding the online reach of "Worn" remains the same; but instead of using email campaigns or an online store I have shifted to updating the social media platform and running some promotional ads. The owner of "Worn", just like any business owner, cannot give me his full attention or focus his resources towards my project, so I make the best out of what he can/wants to do.

Business is about compromise and I am learning to do that efficiently. What can I receive, based on what I can give?

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