• Tate Anagnos

Concreting My Plan

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

My goal with this project is to expand the social media presence of the men's consignment store "worn". I also would like to give them a better, fully functioning website.

There are few things I can do/try. The first is recreating the website, which is an ongoing process of working with the owner and "tweaking to perfection". I have really gotten into that this second week in hopes that I don't have to do it as much later on in the month.

The third week I am planning to construct a pop-up that incents people to sign up for occasional emails. Also, try to get some repeat consignors with email.

The fourth week will be about creating a Facebook advertisement and trying to get more followers on Facebook and Instagram. Also, wrapping up the project.

I don't use anything like google calendar or trello but instead just the "notes" app on my phone. It is very simple and works best for me.

If I can tweak the website, social media pages, or come up with a marketing tactic that I can take to the owner I will be happy.

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