• Tate Anagnos

Take a Minute, Laugh at Yourself.

Remember a time when you embarrassed yourself, accidently wronged someone, or thought the World was collapsing in on you. Looking back, it doesn't seem nearly as bad as it was, because it wasn't. If you cannot laugh at anything else, at least laugh at yourself. Taking life too seriously is detrimental to your health and the ability to self-improve.

Humor is more important to human life than most think.

A 2011 experimental study found that participants that "laughed at oneself" and other strangers had a better overall mood throughout the experiment. That mood derives from having a good sense of humor.

Having a sense of humor doesn't mean you are consistently funny to other people. It's the ability to see humor from many different angles. A perspective that is funny to you, might not be to someone else. That is the beauty of it. Humor is universal but can also be very particular. Chimps have a sense of humor, so do other animals. It is vital to communication and well-being.

If you cannot look back on at least a couple personal mistakes and accept the fact you were wrong or over reacted, you cannot improve as a person. Bringing humor into our mistakes helps us understand and accept them. However, too much of a good thing always has harmful consequences.

A comical mindset going through life helps cope with the seriousness we have to endure sometimes. But treating everything as a joke, especially before hard work has happened, also stunts our ability to improve.

For the majority of people that regularly work, and don't treat everything as a joke, it is very easy to let the serious part of life bury you. People who let this happen think their workload cannot be handled without complete loss fun. They feel pressed to cut out what makes them happy. Hobbies, social life, family. The time alluded to these downtime activities may have to be lessened, but never fully removed. This is because what makes us happy, like making fun of yourself after a colossal failure, gives life purpose.

Humor is necessary to help alleviate stress and communicate/relate with others. So try hard and fail even harder. Make mistakes and get embarrassed, but understand, being rigid about it is working against yourself. Those experiences should work FOR you.

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