• Tate Anagnos

The One Thing You Would Teach Your Kid.

This is often a hard a question for parents to answer. There are so many good virtues you want your child to have. Boil it down to a single lesson.

This will vary from parent to parent, but it should be based off what you can teach them. Good parents live vicariously through their kids because they want them to succeed even more than they will/have. This could mean a mind set that has been beneficial over the years or a virtue you have wised up to. Whatever it is, make sure you can personally pass it on to them.

For me, over anything else, my kid will know respect. Self-respect first, and respect for their surroundings second. How can you teach something you don't know yourself. I keep this in mind to constantly further my understanding of respect, so one day, my kid can master it.

I urge you to answer this question to frame your most important life lesson.

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