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The War of Art Book Review

When I finish a book, I boil it down into three concepts to remember. A lengthy book review about how the author conveyed their point is not beneficial to me in the long run.

These are the concepts I deem most important from Steven Pressfield's, The War of Art.

1. The only thing that stands between us and doing what we want is ourselves.

I'm not talking about having the privilege to be independent. In the long-term, will you push yourself to full potential. What keeps us from doing this is resistance, as Steven Pressfield labels it. We have all been subject to self-sabotage at some point. It's important to practice recognizing forms of self-sabotage (procrastination, substance abuse, fear, pointless criticism) so we can keep them to a minimum.

2. Struggle breeds progress.

Fear of failure is healthy. If we let that fear debilitate us, we won't amount to much. Making an amazing piece of art means you have to work for it. Same goes for any other achievement. The more important a goal is to your growth, the more you'll have to work for it.

3. Do not define yourself by others' opinions.

We are obviously shaped by the people around us, but there is a threshold of taking in peoples ideals to form our own opinion. Past that, basing everything we do/wear/say on acceptance of other people, that is detrimental to our ability to improve. As we get older, we care less and less of how other people perceive us. The sooner we stop over-depending on social approval, the sooner we can start exploring our individuality.

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