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Tips for Online Promotion

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

This week I have been working with facebook ads, both automated and boost ads. I decided to stray away from my week by week plan in the interest of time. Advertisements should have time to reach people and be tweaked.

I have boosted one post and created 3 automated ads. For the beginning of the week I was contacting Instagram pages to see if I could broker a deal to feature "Worn". Depending on the size of the page and their contact funnel, I was able to leverage the price a little, but not enough so I could afford it. In my experience, you will not find an influencer or page with over 10 thousand followers that sells a feature for less that $130, which I was not willing to pay. Boosting a post is not as efficient as making a automated promotion. Which correlates with my strategy of using technology to do the leg work for me.

HubSpot is a great tool for all of your online marketing, but for it to be worth a paid subscription, your business has to be fully integrated with the software.

Next week I will be continuing to capitalize on getting results from these advertisements and constructing an incentive that the owner is ok with that I can then promote.

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