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Understanding Customer Success: Interview with John Brandt, Recap

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

To better understand customer success, I interviewed John Brandt. The best way to learn something is to do it. The second best way is to talk to someone who does. For me, that someone was John Brandt, a product manager at Design Pickle. John got his start in customer success and then later transitioned into marketing. His experience in both areas makes for a unique perspective that I found very helpful. This is what I learned from our conversation.

At Design Pickle, product managers' responsibilities differ from day to day. Since what John does is now more marketing oriented, his most common tasks are email marketing, copywriting, SEO, and learning the CRM platform his company uses. From what I can gather, John thrives in an unpredictable environment that relies on teamwork. The way he explained it to me made his job seem intriguing and after some extra research, I believe I could excel in a role like this. To this day, John still uses what he learned in customer success.

As John looked back on his customer success experience, we talked about speaking the customer's language and using their insights to build portfolios. Product managers do a mix of technical work and content creation. That ability to read customers and understand their problems is huge in email marketing and copy writing.

Brandt stressed the importance of being friendly when talking to customers. This could mean assuaging a customer's problem in customer success or drawing the most information out of a customer interview as a product manager. Either way, a polite tone of voice and friendly demeanor makes any encounter much more productive.

Customer success is directly solving customer problems. A principle upon which every business is built. So, it's no wonder why John still draws knowledge from his days in that area.

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