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Understanding Marketing: Interview with Jerrod Harlan, Recap

To gain a better understanding of what marketing entails, I interviewed the direct-response copywriter, Jerrod Harlan. Jerrod answered all of my questions thoroughly and my point of view on what it takes to be a marketer is now more accurate. This is what I learned.

Direct-response copywriting is a form of marketing that involves sales aspects'. Jerrod's job is to strike the perfect balance between a call to action and conversational flow while also delivering results.

A common misconception is that a copywriter can sit down and produce good copy off the top of their head. This is true to a small extent. What makes a great copywriter is their ability to research and recognize trends within their industry. As Jerrod says, "You have to live amongst your market." An idea may seem perfect in your eyes, but it has to be backed up with research to solidify the chance of it being welcomed in the marketplace.

Failure is very important in marketing. Jerrod accounts that perseverance is the main skill he uses on a daily basis. Even after having years of copywriting experience, he still struggles with producing good content. This goes for every business-oriented job. No matter how good you are, failure will be a part of what you do. Jerrod chooses to learn what he can improve when one of his sales letters' tanks, instead of wallowing in the failure.

Networking is critical to success in this role. It leads you to potential customers, allows for a better understanding of your audience, and opens doors for your career down the line. If you cannot network, you will not succeed in business.

Marketing encompasses a huge range of activities. Copywriting, in particular, takes perseverance and research. Before you can write engaging copy regularly, you have to put in an enormous amount of work to improve your skills of connecting with people.

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