• Tate Anagnos

Understanding Marketing: Role Description

Marketing at its core is the process of attracting people. If sales is the lifeblood of a business, marketing is what it feeds off of. The ability to market efficiently and successfully is a key factor in running a progressive enterprise. So how do you spark interest in someone? The answer to that question is volatile, wide-spread, and different for each situation. However, the process of answering that question can be broken down into a few general activities:

Data Collection

This consists of collecting qualitative/quantitative data and insights that help you understand your product, how your audience perceives/will perceive that product, and what you can do to make it better. Common examples of market research include focus groups, surveys/polls, product testing, A/B testing, tracking who interacts with your online presence, investigating the competition, ETC.


The information you collect is worth nothing if it's not interpreted. It has to be organized into digestible parts that can be cross-referenced and used to make a decision. Marketing teams analyze to figure out factors like how effective their marketing strategies/tactics are, what their target audience is, pain points, and the best ways to compete with the competition. Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, ROI, WordStream, and key performance indicators are just a few tools marketers use to draw educated conclusions from what they have collected. The point of analyzing is to formulate your next move by making connections across multiple sources.


Once you have done the market research and concluded on what you should do or improve on, it is time to create. This could mean creating content, formulating a different strategy, creating relationships in the name of the business, tweaking a current method, or doing/changing anything for a predicted result. The biggest misconception of marketing is that it only consists of creating. When people hear marketing, they think of thought-provoking ads and catchy slogans. Which is inherently apart of the field, but only once the leg-work has been finished.

If you sit in a dark room with no light, how are people supposed to find you? Marketing is the flashlight that lets people know where you are. Marketing has a strong emphasis on relationships. Beyond just getting people's attention, a marketer wants to sustain customer relationships and brand image. Before you can make content that engages an audience, you need to understand them. The only way to do that is through research and person to person interaction.

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