• Tate Anagnos

Understanding Marketing: What It Takes To Be Successful

Marketing has gone through some drastic changes in the past 15 years. Direct mail to email. TV ads to influencer's. Strictly big brands to niche audiences. The principles remain the same, but the techniques are completely different. Digital marketing has completely revolutionized how a business connects with its customers. Small businesses can now compete with huge companies IF their marketing department can expand on some core skills.


This seems to be common with many other business roles. Making the next attempt better, based on a previous attempt. Starbucks marketing campaigns are a perfect example. Most marketing efforts will not reach their projected goals, nevertheless, a good marketer gets back on the horse until they don't fall off as much.

Good Listening/Analyzing

Good listening requires analyzing and vice versa. A good marketer can hone in on what's important to a person through direct and/or indirect communication and listening. This means a customer, team member, business partner, or anyone else that could help you cater to your audience (including the competition). Listening to the market is also very important. Obviously, the target market will not speak directly to you like a human will. But the more you analyze it the more you can understand it, which leads to more content that your audience can trust.

Never Make Unfounded Decisions

2/3 of this field is research. A good marketer never makes a decision solely based on gut instinct. They don't become lazy when there is an idea that is theoretically perfect. They test, research, and analyze data to back the idea up. The best marketers never assume anything. They consistently put up results because the ideas they have are always backed by the numbers.


The ability to cope with the multiple aspects of being a marketer. This done well means balancing your time between the responsibilities that need the most attention. There is a gigantic amount of information that marketing encompasses. No one person can know it all. This ever-growing mass of information has to be met with a relentless drive to learn. Being curious and learning along the way is just one other thing good marketers have to juggle.

It doesn't matter if you're writing copy for a small company, or running a marketing campaign for a huge company. These are the skills that are needed to succeed in traditional and digital marketing.

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