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Understanding Operations : Role Description

Operations is the role of all roles. It coordinates and connects the rest of the departments. If marketing and sales are at the forefront of battle, operations is the base camp. It's where strategies are formulated and tweaked. Where training is refined. Above anyone else, the operations department understands all the moving parts that go into running the business, as well as the big picture strategy.

Boiled down into one definition, operations is managing any aspect of a business that makes the process of selling a product more efficient. The main goal is to turn a bigger profit (the underlying goal of every department), by improving how the different divisions work together. Such a general definition is caused by the wide range of potential responsibilities an operations role could entail.

The specifics of this job change with each business. Different products require unique operational approaches from the inside of the organization and from the customer perspective. With that said, here are some common responsibilities an operational role could potentially demand:

- working out the kinks with the customer experience as well as the product (by interacting - with the customer and different departments within your business) 

- improving functionality of the website 

- explaining a new system to a team

- working with other enterprises to improve price or delivery of product

- researching the effectiveness of current methods in different departments 

- delivery of email campaigns 

- analyzing data for potential areas of growth 

- understanding the process/moving parts of how your business operates, better than anyone else 

- Breaking down any system within the business and simplifying it

- Making the overall process of selling the product more beneficial to the business (brand awareness, producing for a cheaper price, internal communication)

- Hiring people that are a good fit for the team

- ETC.

Operations is the glue that holds all other departments together. The central hub for creativity and teamwork across different areas of expertise within the business. It is confused with other jobs because in order to improve as a whole, you have to understand each department intimately. Someone in an operations role understands every role, rather than, an in-depth understanding of one role. Operations means a constant focus on changing for the better, however grueling it may be.

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