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What Makes A Good Landing Page?

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

If you haven't noticed yet, we live in the age of the Internet. Online interaction and e-commerce is intertwined with our lives more than ever. Because there is instant access to any knowledge we could want, how we view that information right-off-the-bat is vital to what we do with it.

Right-off-the-bat information is commonly found from landing pages. A good landing page builds trust with the user. These are the aspects that build that trust.


Every website that is made to be viewed by other people needs a headliner. A one to two sentence phrase, the shorter the better. This should convey what the website creator intends for their reader. Do not mislead. People should not have to guess or assume what your page is for. For example, if you sell an exercise program, the first words on your page should not be "Get Ripped in a Week!". They should be "Let our program train you to be the most fit you've ever been!".

Organized Format

No-one can efficiently take in a screen that is filled with text/images/videos from one side to the other. Cluttered home pages are too much at once. This is one of the easiest methods to improve a website. Spread it out. Have one subject that fills the screen before you scroll to another one. The most important information like the what/how should be the most concise and highest on the page. The lower on the page, the more details can be explained. However, everything under the headline should strengthen it's claim.

Always Align With a Goal

Know what you want your visitors to get out of the landing page and take them on a virtual journey. For a business website, the goal would be understanding and use of their product. Where business's go wrong is having too much information in the wrong places, giving it a force-feeding effect. People should be curious as to what else is on the website. Always have links to more in-depth content. Get a person to review the landing page that has nothing to do with the website. Ask them "What questions do you have about the content you already see?". Write down everything and then answer those questions on the site in an organized fashion that flows from the top.

Aesthetics and Social Aspects

These two are always overlooked. People are skeptical and judgmental, at least, that's the mindset necessary for building a good online page. The highest quality landing pages are a solid, simple color (white, dark blue, grey, black) with brighter, more flamboyant colors in the images and accents. For business's, testimonials are a must. Especially testimonials with a face and title.

Treat landing pages like first impressions. When creating a page and in doubt, think of what would happen in an interaction between a job seeker and interviewer (the job seeker is the landing page). Don't over-talk. Give the interviewer your best, but be honest. Always bring the interaction back to the audience. Speak directly to them.

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