• Tate Anagnos

Why is Composure Important?

Composure is a life skill, as in, a skill you progress throughout life and use no matter what age. People compose themselves every day without realizing how beneficial it is. The parent who doesn't have to yell at their kid in the grocery store to keep them in line. The customer who doesn't take the long day she's had out on a lazy employee. They do not let stress beat them.

What is composure?

Not only showing, but feeling tranquility in the face of difficulty or catastrophe. The second part is harder. True composure is exemplified in times of stress, fear, anger, etc. It shouldn't be hard to stay composed in a normal setting where the problem is easily assuaged. If a person unravels at an inconvenience, they do not have good composure. There are two reasons for this unraveling: a personal problem they can't solve, so they take it out on other people, or, they have never been able to handle those situations well because their parents never pushed them enough.

What does composure look like?

A combination of things. The non-aggressive tone of voice, controlled attitude, patience, and non-intimidating body language/posture. The ability to not take it personally. To remain more or less emotionless when the people around you are grating. For example, cadet military training. The cadet operates under constant abuse. If anyone who had military training only learned one thing, it would be composure. How to act decisively and efficiently under pressure. That is why a military education looks so good on a resume. It shows you have delivered results in a high-stress situation. You have trusted other people just as they trusted you.

In the professional world, composed people get their work done within a deadline. They never lash out at a customer (even if that customer is completely at fault and raising hell). They come up with solutions quickly, confidently, and with a team ("Thank you for the concern sir let us give you a discount").

Composure is a tool. Imagine it as the blade on a lawnmower. A sharp blade allows you to make one pass over the entire lawn, less energy is expelled and because of it, more time has alluded to the details. Any composed leader or team member brings a calming presence amid a problem. They are fully aware of the worst-case scenario but still focus on aiding a creative solution. If the mind is filled with anxiety, there is no room for an efficient thought process. Even the most hardened military vets lose their temper so always remember composure is a skill in the making.

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