• Tate Anagnos

Why we should all have a bucket list.

The short answer is because we all die. People tend to be anxious about their own mortality. Pain is usually associated with death but even a peaceful death irks most everyone. It is the fear of the unknown, not being there for the people close to us, or eternal punishment. We don’t have unlimited time on earth.

I for one, do not feel uncomfortable about my mortality or talking about it; part of the reason why I have a bucket list. My bucket list serves to keep me goal oriented. Life is too short for prolonged periods of uncertainty. The first thing I do when I wake up is look at my list. It keeps me focused and happy to look forward. Bucket lists are only for long term goals, amended many times, and can be as long as you please. Don’t take an item off the list because you convince yourself it’s not realistic. Take it off because you genuinely changed a goal for the better.

There is obviously some grunt work we have to do before we can really start crossing off items. The problem for most people is that grunt work turns into a grunt career. With the limited amount of time we have on Earth, always be working towards something that is personally important.

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